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The Festival Jewel

We want our members to be recognised for their efforts in raising money for the Durham 2029 MBF Festival. A special Festival Steward Jewel has been commissioned to acknowledge their contribution.

To qualify for the Festival Steward Jewel, Mark Master Masons must contribute over the course of the Festival the minimum sum of £100.

It is hoped that as many Durham Mark Master Masons as possible continue to contribute beyond this sum, with the aim of achieving the status of "Patron of the Mark Benevolent Fund"; attained when £500 has been donated to the MBF.

The easiest way of donating is by way of Continuous Giving - a small, regular donation made by direct debit to the Festival Relief Chest. Simply complete the form here.

When the proceeds of each Festival are sent to the Mark Benevolent Fund, the individual donations are credited towards the Fund's honorifics:

  • Life Governor - £100

  • Vice Patron - £250

  • Patron - £500

  • Grand Patron - £1000

  • Grand Patron Gold - £2500

  • Grand Patron Diamond - £5000

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