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Double Donation at Hackworth Centenary

Reasons to celebrate were in abundance at Shildon on Tuesday 4th October 2022 as Hackworth Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.761 celebrated one hundred years of existence. The Deputy Provincial Master in Charge, David Hanson, was in attendance and was able to welcome the Past Deputy Grand Master, Keith Emmerson, to the meeting. After the presentation of the Centenary Warrant to mark the occasion, as well as commemorative tokens to every member, a very enjoyable evening was continued at the festive board. Congratulations to Hackworth Lodge on this great milestone!

But it wasn't just the Lodge that was celebrating - the Durham 2029 MBF Festival was also joyful at the news that the members of Hackworth Lodge had decided to donate the princely sum of £761 - a figure equal to the Lodge number - to the Festival to amrk their centenary. As Festival President, David Hanson was more than happy to receive a cheque from Worshipful Master Chris Downie. If that wasn't enough, David was then delighted further as the Lodge then decided to donate the proceeds of the evening's raffle to the Festival as well; a further £310!

Over £1000 donated to the Festival in a single night!

Thank you, Hackworth Lodge. Let your very generous donation be an example to us all!

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